Cura Solid Utopia edition for Windows installation

Follow the steps bellow to complete the installation of Cura Solid Utopia edition for Windows. This installation include the drivers which allows your computer to communicate to the 3D printer.


Download Cura edition Solid Utopia for Windows and save it to your desktop.
Launch the installation from your web browser or double click on the icon.


Choose Components:

Install Arduino Drivers: allow your computer to communicate to your 3D printer with USB cable (required)

STL: most popular 3D model file format (required)

OBJ: 3D model file format (optional)

AMF: 3D model file format which contain multiple material or color (required)

2-Choose components

Device Driver Installation (next)

4-Driver installation

Install Driver if this windows ask you. If it is not possible to install, verify security parameters from your Windows account or contact your system administrator.

5-Allow installation

A green check with the “Ready to use” status should appear for each installed driver.

6-Completed driver installation

Launch the software

8-Start Cura